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Educating and Coaching Clinical Research Professionals


Clinical Research offers a huge number of opportunities.. Let us help with our insightful one-to-one career coaching programs.

Strategy Consultancy for CRU

Providing strategic, unbiased advice, using our in deep industry knowledge, for clinical institutions and organisations.

Management Support Consultancy For CRU

Supporting clinical institutions to develop and deploy policies and procedures required to conduct high-quality clinical research.

Planning to establish a Clinical Research Unit at your clinic/hospital/institution?

Or perhaps you would like to explore how our consultants/instructors can support you in implementing golden standards practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical research is a component of medical research including the comprehensive study of the safety and effectiveness of the most promising advances in patient care.

Clinical trials are a type of research that studies new tests and treatments and evaluates their effects on human health outcomes. 
If you are interested in a career in Clinical Research it is  internationally recognized that to meet regulatory requirements to conduct clinical research, the personnel must be qualified and trained on specific guidelines and processes such as Good Clinical Practices, Good Documentation Practices, Good Pharmacovigilance Practices.
No - we are opening the very first centre for Clinical Research training so that if you live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi - we're on your doorstep! We're all about developing a local taskforce of skilled and qualified professionals that would like a career in research and clinical trials. 
Our courses are a blend of on-line and in person learning, but our unique offer is to provide workshops and classes with experienced trainers located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  
We have a pool of dedicated professionals with the passion for training and developing talents in a region with huge potential. All of our content is bespoke and deployed by a team of senior professionals experienced in the main regional regulatory frameworks such as the USA based Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicine Agency (EMA) and the UK based (MHRA). You're in great hands.
Our unique value does not stop on the last day of training! We have a series of events and bespoke accessible services to offer which include continuous support after training is completed, providing assistance with long-term coaching and mentoring. Furthermore, we can facilitate participation with a community of colleagues operating in clinical research, to allow exchange of experience, advice and potential collaboration. 

Our Mission

For the very first time, we are bringing to the UAE and the GCC area, an on-site educational centre for Clinical Research and Clinical Trials, with the aim of developing a local task-force of skilled and qualified professionals that wish to have a career in the ever expanding world of clinical research and trials.

Our Vision

To work hand in hand with the UAE and it's world-class infrastructure and its competitive education sector. We believe the UAE has the potential to become a world leader in research which is able to attract many important clinical trials.