Duration: 2 days

This 2 Day workshop would set the foundations on understanding the requirements of ICH GCP and on how to successfully conduct a clinical trial, ensuring the safety, rights, well-being of the trial subjects are protected and the data that is produced from the clinical trial is complete accurate and unbiased.

Duration: 1 day

The increasing number of medical errors recorded worldwide, contribute to several hundreds of deaths every year in public and private hospitals. For this reason, the monitoring of the clinical risk becomes essential. Risk management in healthcare is a complex set of clinical and administrative systems, processes, procedures, and reporting structures designed to detect, monitor, assess, mitigate, and prevent risks to patients. The primary objective of this workshop is to provide the main definitions and the key principles and responsibilities of the risk management system.

Duration: 1 day

Risk and Quality management are two sides of the same medal with a common methodological approach, but differentt governing rules. Quality in clinical research is a quality by design that should be built into the scientific and operational design and conduct of the trials, to the advantage of future patients. The risk management rules estimate the safety and effectiveness of the medical treatment studied for a patient in risk-benefit balance.

With cases analysis conducted during the workshop, the delegates will be able to appreciate the different rules in different scenarios.


Duration: 3 days

The workshop will address the key fundamentals of managing a clinical study at the site. The SCs will be taken through the life cycle of a clinical study at the site and how to drive success of the clinical study. Topics will include preparing for site selection visits, managing budgets, developing recruiting and retention plans, ensuring site study teams adhere to protocol requirements, delivering quality in clinical trials, proactively identifying and managing risks that may arise in the clinical study.

Duration: 2 days

This workshop will focus on the issues faced in a clinical study and how the SCs can effectively address and resolve the issues. Keys principles of root cause analysis will be shared, and the focus would be to ‘think outside of the box’ when approaching and dealing with challenges in clinical studies. A structured process will be introduced on how to make an effective decision when faced with dilemmas or situations requiring resolution. The underlying objective of this course is to get the SCs to take ‘ownership’ of the study and hence think from a higher perspective where their technical knowledge and leadership skills can be combined to deliver a solution.


Duration: 2 days

Delegates will gain an understanding and appreciation of the clinical research process and in particular the role and responsibilities of the monitor. With a strong focus on the ICH GCP requirements for monitoring, the primary objective of this course is to equip the delegates with the tools and knowledge to able to confidently select, initiate, monitor and close investigative sites in accordance with ICH GCP requirements.

Duration: 1 day

This workshop has been developed for experienced Clinical Research Scientists who have a predominant role in monitoring. The primary focus of this course is to provide delegates with an array of challenging clinical research scenarios across a range of subject matter and to provide delegates with the opportunity to share / learn from their monitoring experiences. The intent of this training course is to allow delegates to draw on their knowledge of ICH GCP, external regulations/guidelines as well as their practical experiences to provide effective solutions to day-to-day issues in accordance with Good Clinical Practice.


The following modules have been developed by ClinQA Solutions to address the educational needs of different end-users, having different level of knowledge on Clinical Research (from beginners, to experienced).

The modules can be delivered on a ‘stand-alone’ basis or as part of tailored courses comprising of a selection of modules as per client requirements.


Our in-person classes are running quarterly in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, to allow a direct interaction with our students. The in-person classes also include online material that students can access after the course for a continuous in-depth learning path. Dates are published and updated regularly on our website.

Ad-hoc classes can be scheduled with organisations in need of a group training to be delivered.

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